Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors

Bounty Hunter Metal Detector a quality machine at an affordable price. First Texas Products make these detectors. They also make some of the best night vision binoculars and goggles. They have been producing quality machines for over thirty years. The manufactures suggested retail price for their detector range from under $60.00 to the top of the line treasure detector for under $650.00.

Quality You Can Afford

All of the Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors come in lightweight ergonomic design. With features like Precise readout of target depth, Iron discrimination up to four levels, ground balancing, selectable rejection of low-value targets and a cool LCD screen readout. With all of these features they are surprisingly affordable. I’m sure their competition wonders how they do it.

The electronic components of their Metal Detectors are well made and reliable. Their machines either come with a one year limited warranty or a five year limited warranty. Their manuals are easy to read and understand. You do not need a college degree to make this machine work for you.

The Bounty Hunter Metal Detector with its affordable price and excellent features make it an excellent choice for today’s treasure hunter. So whatever form of treasure you are searching for, you can feel comfortable with this detector. So lets explore the different detectors bounty makes.

List of The Top Bounty Hunter Detectors

  • The Bounty Junior Bounty Hunter Metal Detector
  • Bounty Vlf Metal Detector
  • Bounty Quick Silver
  • Bounty Hunter Tracker
  • Bounty Hunter Tracker IV
  • Bounty Hunter Lone Star
  • Quick Draw II And Sharp Shooter II
  • Bounty Landstar
  • Bounty Hunter Timeanger