Minelab Metal Detectors

The Minelab Metal Detectors Company was formed in 1985 with the intent to become a center of excellence for metal sensing technology. In a very short time this commitment to product innovation has led to many advances in metal detecting equipment.

In a short time Minlab has become a leading manufacture of metal detectors all over the world. The company is based in Australia with branch offices in the United States and Ireland. Minelab detectors are divided into two areas:


  • Coin Detectors
  • Treasure And Relic Detectors
  • Gold Detectors
  • Underwater Detectors


This site is about treasure hunting. However I felt it was important to point out this fine company makes products that are supplied to humanitarian organizations and military personnel the world over. The product line includes:

  • Hand held metal detectors designed to find land mines.
  • Vehicle mounted metal detectors
  • Extensive training and maintenance

Minelabs Metal Detectors offer an extensive line of treasure detecting products. The desire to solve everyday detecting challenges and problems has enhanced its reputation in the treasure-hunting field. Minelab detectors offer many groundbreaking technologies such as its multi-period sensing exclusive and patented technology.