Fisher Metal Detectors

The Fisher Metal Detector was first produced in 1931. The company Fisher Labs was started in the garage of Dr. Gerhard Fisher in Palo Alto California. Fisher Labs is not the only company to have its humble beginnings start in a garage in Palo Alto California. Another company you may recognize Hewlett Packard also had its beginnings in a garage in Palo Alto California.

Dr Fisher�s first metal detector was called the �Metallascope�. It was a rugged but easy to use metal detector. By today�s standard it would be a hard to handle device. With its two large wooden boxes (that contained the coils) and five vacuum tubes it soon captured the attention of the country.

By 1936 Mr. Fishers garage was no longer large enough to handle the number of orders. So they moved to a larger building and started production on a larger scale. Today the company is located ninety miles south of Palo Alto California in Los Banos.

When Mr. Fisher retired in 1967 he had made a lasting contribution to the hobby of metal detecting. Outstanding Fisher Detectors are still made today by the fisher family. Fisher Labs is the oldest metal detector manufacture in the United States.