Live the life of a treasure hunter with your metal detector

The first metal detector was quickly assembled by Alexander Graham Bell to locate a bullet in US president James Garfield. It did not work as planned. It seems that the metal bedsprings were too much interference.

Alexander Graham Bell’s invention makes it possible to live the life of a treasure hunter. Since childhood, tales of buried treasure have stirred the imagination. Dreams of finding treasure never leave us regardless of our age. Just imagine all the lost treasure you have read or heard about and would love to find. Wherever modern man has gone he has left artifacts behind. Even the early Roman’s lost coins and other items. Most still remain buried today.

To be a good treasure hunter you must also be a historian. Knowing the history of an area is valuable information when treasure hunting with a metal detector.

Some items you find may seem like trash. Don’t be so sure. The first person who found a slave tag probably had no idea what it was. He or she might even have tossed it thinking it was useless trash. A well documented slave tag find can bring thousands of dollars.

Treasure hunting with a metal detector is only limited by your imagination. There are many kinds of treasure hunting. I hope you find the information about the types of treasure and where to find it helpful. Happy treasure hunting.