Health Essay Statements

I’m going to give a presentation here on personal statements for the health professions that crash course the first thing that I want to make clear is that these personal statements are not like any other essay you’ve written before it’s not the essay for summer camp it’s not an essay for a Creative Writing course and it’s not all scientific writing either so I have lots of students who asked me well just how important is this essay and some people dismiss it and think oh it’s really not that important everything else is more so but if you’re on an admissions committee for a medical school which I’ve been you’re in a position we’re going to have two applicants and they’re very very similar how do you choose between the two. Find out how to write health essays and personal statements at Edusson.

So there are going to be other applicants with your grades there are going to be other applicants with your Medical College Admission Test dental admission Graduate Record exam scores there are going to be other applicants who have done great research and had great medical dental experiences they have great letters of recommendation so it may be that what distinguishes one student from the other is this personal statement so it’s incredibly important and it’s your opportunity after all of the grades and that test scores and that to shine and show your unique virtues why should the admissions committee pick you over anyone else just as another note of clarification not all the personal statements for all the different end points are the same either so what you write for a summer research program is different than what you write for graduate school with a PhD that is different from what you write for the Health Professions in different yet again if you plan to do a profession and MD or a DDS or PA and a PhD so I want to try and unravel some things for you here one of the things that you’re going to have to think about.

Though is that what I’m gonna say is going to contradict a lot of what you have heard on the grapevine so you’re actually gonna have to make a conscious decision about whether or not you want to take what I’m saying to heart you want to believe your roommate or do you want to believe someone who served on the admissions committee and if you think about this just a little bit think about how much we tend to believe whatever we hear first whether it’s fact fishin fiction gossip and we cling to it like our life depends upon it so and this is the basis of bias this is the basis of stereotypes you hang on to whatever that first impression is so I am gonna go against the grain here on some things and you’re going to have to make that decision let’s review for just a second though what the admissions committee is going to receive.