Idea Of The Research Paper

What every researcher feels most of the time there are days when you have that miraculous breakthrough and you really know you’ve God is in heaven and you know that all is right with the world but most days you think I am a worm this is the natural state of the researcher like so what you have to realize is that even you know Tarjan and so for things that ease were most of the time and what the researchers do good researchers is they simply start writing anyway right they write a paper about any idea no matter how trivial or insignificant it may be my experiences that the clever the research student the more they are prone to this failure mode either they don’t understand something which case they’re depressed who else they do understand something which they believed in which case they think it’s trivial and nobody will want to know about it right so in both cases depressed there’s not a good situation right. Find more articles on research papers and essays at Edusson.

So just write an idea no matter how insignificant it seems to be because my experience consistently is that when you write the paper your idea develops and ramifies computer science is like a a snowflake or a flower you start with a little seed and it sort of ramifies ahead of you into interesting things something that looked boring turns out to be actually rather interesting not always sometimes you’ll start writing the paper and it turns out indeed to be weedy and insignificant and then maybe you won’t publish it but it’ll be done quickly and you put it on your own page alright so right early right early and and I really do believe that the second thing is is much the most common case it almost in verbally turns out to be more interesting than you thought all right number two if you’re going to have this idea and write about it you need to be clear what it is the business of writing a paper is to convey from your brain into the minds of your readers your idea.

So think of your papers like like a virus right you’re trying to you’re try to infect your readers minds with your idea and then it will infect their eye then they’ll talk to other people it will infect them so it’s like a kind of contagion or plague that is going to sweep the world and everybody’s gonna be thinking about your idea because it’s so well infectious right so we young I my my analogy here with with Mozart is just that here hundreds of years after Mozart died we are listening to people read his papers or more precisely plays music where if you go to concert halls to hear his papers because their ideas were so infectious don’t you think that’s amazing wouldn’t it be remarkable if in 400 years time people were still reading your papers it’s not all that likely but I think that that’s the that’s the kind of idea that you’d like to get.