The List of the Famous Philatelists

David Allen
Petersfield, Hampshire, England
specialisations: Petersfield postal history
U.S. canal zone postal history and stamps
other interests:
Seeking an example of a Serpentine Petersfield on entire or front, and a Petersfield example of uniform penny post, early 1840.
Anything else considered.


Thomas A. Anderson (“Tim”)
Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA
PO Box 3103, Gaithersburg, MD 20885-3103, USA
specialisations: Stampless entire letters
Antigua, Tobago, St. Kitts, Dominica, Grenada
Village cancels
other interests:
I Have Become an Historian to Increase the Enjoment of My Stamp Collection .
I have published 2 articles in the British Caribbean Philatelic Journal including one on correspondence from Tobago in the 1840s. The Sugar Islands are the colonies which opted for a sugar economy in the 18th and 19th centuries. Mostly in the Caribbean (my focus), these islands also include Indian Ocean islands such as Mauritius. Major economic events during the the 19th century drastically reduced the profitability of the economies — resulting in the bankruptcy of some of the colonies.


Roger Bower
Brisbane, Australia
specialisations: Maltese Postal History – Forces Mail – Airmails – Maritime
Malta stamps used to 1979
Egypt stamps used to 1952
Palestine used to 1948
other interests:
Member of Malta Study Circle since 1963

Tom Brougham

Berkeley, California , USA
specialisations: Canal Zone postal history: postal rates, postal markings, and usages. I also
collect virtually all aspects of CZ philately.
other interests:
I study the Postal Rates of the Canal Zone. I seek and share information about CZ rates, CZ covers, CZ postmarks, and usage of CZ stamps and postal stationery.
Material available for trading.
I am particularly interested in CZ airmail covers to non-US/CZ destinations, in CZ
non-first-class covers and wrappers and in special fees (insured, return receipt, etc.)on CZ covers.